Council housing repairs

Repairs for which the council are responsible

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus precautions and the additional pressure this has placed on Council resources, we regret to announce that we will only be able to book urgent repair jobs for the foreseeable future.

This will be for any issues that have caused total loss of heating or hot water, imminent danger to life or similarly urgent problems. If you have a non-urgent repair request, please do not report this until the Council has announced that services has returned to normal.

We are responsible for maintaining the fabric and structure of your home and any communal areas. These include: 

The structure 

  • the structure of the property for example walls, roofs, joists and beams


  • window frames, window catches and safety devices 
  • external doors and door frames 
  • treatment of damp (other than condensation), rot and woodworm

Window glazing 

  • glazing to communal areas (we may board up or use alternative materials) 
  • glazing to your home where the repair was caused by a defect 
  • or was a result of a crime (in this case we need a crime reference number – without this number you will be recharged) 

Water supply 

  • water and electricity supplies to your home and, where there is an existing gas supply, maintain it 
  • all council owned pipes and waste pipes

Sanitary appliances 

  • baths, basins, sinks, toilets, cisterns, kitchen cupboards and work surfaces (we will clear blockages - however you will be recharged if the cause of the blockage is attributed to you)

Gas appliances 

  • RBK owned and installed gas fittings and appliances such as central heating, water heaters, boilers and fitted fires 

Electrical installations 

  • RBK installed electrical wiring including sockets and switches.

Other internal and external fittings 

  • plaster work to walls and ceilings 
  • drains, gutters, down pipes, chimneys and flues 
  • communal areas such as pathways, estate roads, hallways, communal stairs and lighting, balconies and waste chutes 
  • lifts and fire equipment 
  • door entry equipment 
  • communal television aerials 
  • warden call systems 
  • fencing and gates to communal parts or gardens 
  • external decorations and decorations to communal parts