Council and housing association tenants

Cumberland House Playground

On 22 July, the Council was informed by one of its contractors during a routine that the climbing frame in the children’s play area at Cumberland House was defective and posed a potential safety risk if it continued to be used.

A decision was therefore made to immediately remove the play equipment for the safety of users with a view to providing proposals for replacements in the near future.

The playground equipment was originally funded by a former resident association. The Council took over responsibility for the playground and provides insurance, surveys, maintenance and replacement play equipment if and when needed.

We apologise to the residents of Cumberland House for not notifying them about the removal sooner - our priority is the safety of our residents and we acted quickly to ensure this. However, we recognise that this must have been confusing and concerning not to have been told.

As planned we will be in touch to see what residents and their children would like to see in its place.