Sheltered housing and how to apply

Sheltered housing

If you are 60 or over you can apply for sheltered housing, and in some cases applicants under the age of 60 may be considered. You must also be a resident of the Borough for at least 5 years.

Why Sheltered Housing?

There are a number of reasons sheltered housing might be suitable for you, for example you may:

  • want to move to a smaller property that is easier to maintain 
  • feel safer in a community scheme setting   
  • want to make new friends   
  • want to maintain an independent and active lifestyle in a secure and friendly environment 
  • want to retain the privacy of your own front door with facilities that suit your needs

Sheltered housing offers you the chance to live in a community environment with facilities that suit your needs, but still keep your own front door and privacy. Sheltered properties are situated near local amenities, with the added security of a 24 hour alarm service, out of hours service and a sheltered housing scheme manager.

Sheltered housing scheme managers:

Each scheme has an experienced sheltered housing scheme manager from Monday to Friday. Officers are responsible for the management and security of the building, as well as the safety and welfare of the residents. They will:

  • contact you once a week either by phone or speaking to you through the alarm intercom in your home or a visit
  • ensure communal repairs are carried out promptly·         
  • ensure the building is safe and carry out weekly checks of the fire alarms
  • refer you to any support team if you have difficulty managing day to day activities