Saving energy at home

Energy efficiency measures for your home

If you are a private home owner or renting privately there are grants that can help you invest in your home to improve its energy efficiency. Improving your home’s energy efficiency can help reduce energy use, save money on fuel bills and provide a more comfortable home.

Energy efficiency improvements include:

  • building fabric improvements such as insulation, double glazing and draught proofing
  • heating improvements such as replacing the boiler and installing appropriate heating controls
  • fixtures and fittings such as energy saving light fittings, water saving taps and appliances

Local funding

We provide grants for essential home repairs that could help fund the installation of measures that reduce your energy needs. To find out more about home improvement funding and see if you are eligible for a grant visit Home Improvement Grant.

London funding

If you’re a London homeowner on benefits you may be eligible for a free boiler, insulation, double glazing or other improvements to help you heat your home more affordably. Up to £4,000 worth of home improvements is available per household

To find out more about the scheme, the eligibility criteria and how to apply go to the London Warmer Homes webpage.

For more immediate help for those struggling with energy bills contact Kingston’s local energy support and advice service, this may lead to support filling in the Warmer Homes application. Freephone: 0800 118 23 27, Text: 07928 394 482, Email: [email protected]

Energy company assistance

Most energy companies offer free loft and cavity insulation so speak to your energy supplier and check if you qualify. Some energy suppliers can supply insulation even if you are not their customer. Check their websites or contact them directly for more information.

Kingston Council aims to work with energy companies to deliver the next round of Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding. This will be used to help make energy saving improvements to vulnerable residents living in private accommodation in Kingston. Read and download the council’s Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent July 2017.

National funding

Contact the Energy Saving Trust for free, personalised and impartial advice on energy efficiency, water, waste and personal transport. Advice is available for all residents and could help you save substantial amounts of money on your energy bill.

The available advice includes:

  • information about grants and offers available for insulation and other home energy improvements
  • contact details for local professional installers
  • information on micro-generation technologies
  • where to buy energy efficient appliances and low-energy lighting
  • how to decrease waste contributions to landfill and save money
  • how to green your personal transport and save money

For further information go to the Energy Saving Trust website.