Renting in the private sector

Problems and advice

You can read more about your rights and your landlords responsibilities on our pages and on the GOV.UK website.

If you have any problems with the property while you are living there you should contact your landlord/agent.

If your landlord refuses to carry out essential repairs and they have not responded to your spoken and written requests, contact us. We can talk to them on your behalf or take action against them. We may also send out our inspection team to check the property is safe.

We can provide advice

  • if your landlord has illegally evicted you, or is harassing you in order to force you out of your home
  • if your landlord has served you with notice or is asking you to leave
  • if you are having problems getting your deposit back or repairs done
  • if your landlord is putting up your rent
  • to find out where to go if you owe rent to your landlord
  • about your tenancy rights

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