Kingston's New Housing Service

The council is working with residents on designing a new housing service that is easier to access, costs less, supports those who need it, and invests in improvements and new homes. We have a six point plan to achieve this:

  • A new core housing offer - for council tenants the proposal is ‘A well maintained, affordable and settled property.’
  • Digital by choice - an improved 24/7 digital offer for council tenants and leaseholders, but by choice not compulsion.
  • Supporting those who need it - targeted services for more vulnerable council tenants.
  • A clearer deal for council tenants and leaseholders - being upfront about what the council does and doesn’t do and what’s expected of tenants and leaseholders.
  • Reducing paperwork and bureaucracy - saving money on the council’s costs so more can be spent on the things that matter.
  • Investing in council housing - building more desperately needed new council housing and investing in improving current housing.

This will not mean any change to the council being your landlord, or your tenancy or lease.

Why do we need to change?

Over the last few years, the council has invested £44.5m to improve over 3,300 homes, but demand continues to grow. Budget reductions are a nationwide problem, with all councils facing a similar situation. Therefore, by improving the service, we will be able to invest more money to improve existing homes  and to build new council houses.

We are also working with residents to develop online services which make it possible for the council to provide a better and more efficient service. It will also allow residents to access information and services they need, when they need it. 

Designing a new service with residents

Formal consultation and engagement

We consulted residents for 12 weeks from Friday 24 November 2017 to Friday 23 February 2018. Along with the consultation we also carried out a range of engagement activities, including workshops and street surveys. In total we consulted and engaged with over 1,000 residents. Thank you to all those who took part. 

The majority of council residents told us they supported the six point plan as the basis for the new housing service and the proposal to explore a potential partnership with not-for-profit organisation.You can find more information in the final report on this consultation and engagement programme.

The Housing Sub Committee gave cross party support to the new housing model in March 2018, which can be viewed in the minutes. Since then the housing service has begun to co-design the service.

Co-design: working with residents and staff together

We are working with staff and residents through a series of workshops from May to July 2018 to design the new service together. It's really important to us that all tenants and leaseholders have every opportunity to shape the service and give their views throughout the process, now and into the future. If you would like to know more or take part, please email Nina Burich at [email protected] or call 020 8547 4779. 

Update from co-design sessions so far

The co-design sessions in May and June 2018 brought a lot of ideas and suggestions on how the service for residents could be improved. These included:

  • Repairs service co-design workshop: customer satisfaction survey, designing an MOT for properties, supporting residents to maintain properties
  • Estate services: involving residents in a pilot to monitor communal areas
  • Letters and bills review workshop: how to improve letters and bills
  • Report review group: looking at co-design report