Personal budgets

Get a personal budget

Who can get one?

If you are over 18, live in the borough, and:
  • have difficulties with illness or getting older 
  • have a sight, hearing or physical impairment 
  • have mental health difficulties 
  • have a learning disability 
  • have drug or alcohol problems 
  • have long term health problems 
  • need to stay safe and free from harm 
  • are a carer supporting someone to keep independent, safe and well 
  • have needs which are eligible for our support
  • be willing to have a financial assessment to work out your financial contribution to a personal budget. (This is to ensure we are confident you are able to meet the requirements of managing a personal budget. We also work out how often your personal budget will need to be reviewed)

    How can I get one?

    We'll need to meet you to talk about the type and amount of support you will need and what you would like to get out of it. This is called an 'assessment' and is free. Beforehand, have a think about things like:
    • what a good or bad day is like for you 
    • which people are most important to you 
    • what things you like to do most 
    • what you feel is or isn't going well for you at the moment 
    • how you would like things to get better 
    You can ask a family member or friend to be at the meeting with you if you would find this helpful.

    Your personal budget

    If we can help, we'll calculate the amount of money we will give you towards your care and support.  

    This is your personal budget. We'll then work out how much we can pay you and ask you to make a plan showing us how you'll use the money.

    The money should help you look after yourself, get out and about, keep safe, manage everyday tasks or access work or learning opportunities.

    It could be used for things like:
    • paying for someone to help you with personal care or daily living tasks 
    • buying equipment like computers, page-turners, personal alarms 
    • an adult learning class 
    • a break for family or friends who care for you (carers) 
    But not for:
    • buying things that haven't been assessed as part of your support plan
    • gambling or debts 
    • tobacco or alcohol 
    • anything illegal 

    We can help you write the plan, or you can ask a friend. Your social worker or support coordinator will look at the finished plan and agree the final amount you'll get.

    If you have been assessed as having to pay towards part of the budget, the final amount will include your contribution alongside the Council's.