Complete the financial assessment

If you get:
  • social care services from us
  • or you'll be getting services in the future
you need to complete a financial assessment form to see how much you may need to pay towards the costs of those services.

Complete the financial assessment by post or email

To compete the financial assessment you can either:
  • fill in a paper version of the form and post it back to us 
  • download the electronic version of the form and email it back to us

Paper version

You need to:
  • ask your care manager for a paper version of the form
  • fill in the form following the instructions and and post it back to us within 14 days of receiving it
  • include evidence (photocopies are ok) 
You can:
  • ask your care manager to help you complete it
  • call the number given on the form for help from the Adult Social Care team 

Electronic version (PDF)

You need to:
  • make sure you have adobe reader software so you can open the financial assessment form which is a PDF document (you can download it free from
  • download the financial assessment form
  • answer the questions by typing in the boxes
  • select the square boxes that apply (square boxes are tick boxes, by clicking on the box you will enter or remove a tick)
  • complete Section 2 (if relevant)
  • complete the declaration in section 12 - put a tick in the box and enter your name and the date (if you don't complete this part fully, we won't be able to accept your form)
  • save the completed form to your computer or tablet
  • scan, copy or photograph any supporting evidence so you can attach the documents to the email
  • save time by completing the Direct Debit form now, fill it in, sign it and scan or photograph it
  • email the form to us using the email address given on the form, attach the evidence and the Direct Debit form
  • email it from your personal email address (this helps us see that you're the sender of the information)
  • in the email, please list the documents, giving the file name, type (eg bank statement) and number of pages
Tips on scanning or photographing documents to attach to the email:
  • the better quality the scan or photo the less likely we'll need to contact you for another version
  • make sure the scanner is a high resolution scanner so it can scan text documents
  • carefully remove staples to prevent tearing documents
  • unfold and flatten documents to reduce creases  
  • scan the whole page and each page in a document
  • save the scanned documents as PDFs
  • check the quality of each scanned document