Make your home suitable

If you live in a Council accommodation

If you’re finding your home unsuitable because it doesn’t meet your needs as a disabled person, you can apply for a grant to pay for home adaptations.

To apply for the grant you need to be:
  • registered as a disabled person or eligible to be registered as a disabled person
  • ordinarily a resident in the Royal Borough of Kingston in a Council property

What adaptations are possible?

    We may organise major adaptations to your home. These are structural works that usually cost over £1000. Some examples of some major adaptations are:
    • over bath shower
    • level access shower
    • stairlift
    • ramp for wheelchair access
    • widened doors
    • ceiling track hoist

    How do I apply?

    The first thing to do is to contact us to book an assessment. Our Occupational Therapist will then visit you at home to see what adaptations you may need to help you to live independently.

    The Occupational Therapist may need to ask your GP for some medical information to support your grant application.

    How we make a decision

    If the Occupational Therapist decides that you do need your home to be adapted, they will make a formal recommendation to our Housing department. They may suggest that you need equipment, minor or major adaptation work, or to consider the option of re-housing. We’ll make a decision then discuss this with your estate manager.

    What happens then?

    If you have any adaptations installed – we use our approved adaptation contractors. The contractor will contact you and arrange a convenient start date.

    The Occupational Therapist may visit when the work is in progress and once the work is finished to check it meets your disability needs.

    Our Housing team will also visit to check the work is of the required standard.