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​Adult Safeguarding Conference


Hoarding & Self Neglect on 15th November 2018

This year’s conference covered Hoarding and Self-Neglect.  Our speakers were Jo Cooke, Director of Hoarding Disorders UK.  She is the author of the book “Understanding Hoarding” and also runs a professional decluttering business (Tapioca Tidy) along with self-help groups on Bracknell and Newbury. Jo was accompanied by Lyn Howells who experiences hoarding behaviour and deals with this on a daily basis.  Lyn spoke of her personal challenges and how she is slowly managing to clear items from her home and has a mix of rooms that are liveable and inaccessible rooms.

The conference covered the definition of a hoarding disorder which is when a person is unable to use the rooms in their home for their intended purpose.  Some of the triggers for hoarding are abuse, bereavement, depression, long term illness, chronic disorganisation to name but a few.

The conference was well attended by Social Workers, Support Co-ordinators and representatives from Your Healthcare, London Fire Brigade, South West London & St. George’s Mental Health Trust, Achieving for Children, KCIL.

A copy of the presentation by Jo Cooke can be found here.