Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy can help you:

  • with physical difficulties
  • with mental difficulties
  • with social difficulties
  • when recovering from an illness
  • when adapting to a disability

It can help you be independent and improve your quality of life by supported assessment, advice and special equipment or adaptations.

Occupational therapy with us 

Our occupational therapy services are available if you have a long term disability which significantly affects your ability to carry out daily living tasks like:

  • washing
  • dressing
  • cooking
  • climbing the stairs
  • getting into and out of the home
  • getting in and out of bed, chair or toilet
  • preparing a meal when you only have the use of one hand

We can:

  • teach you new ways of managing your daily activities
  • recommend or provide equipment on loan to help you with particular tasks
  • advise on changes to your home and help you apply for a grant to pay for those changes (if you qualify)

You might like to try:

  • adapted cutlery
  • a hoist
  • a raised toilet seat
  • grab rails and stair rails
  • fitting a stair lift if you cannot climb the stairs 
  • installing a shower  
  • widening doorways to allow your wheelchair to pass through 
  • moving to more suitable accommodation 

Equipment is loaned for free if you have been assessed as eligible for a service and:

  • are a permanent resident of the Royal Borough of Kingston, or
  • care for a Kingston resident in need of support 

How quickly can you see a therapist?

We try to respond quickly to urgent needs if you:

  • are leaving hospital
  • have a terminal illness
  • have had a recent fall

If your need is less urgent, you won't be able to see a therapist straight away. But your name will be added to a waiting list. 

Occupational Therapy for children

If you're under 18 please contact the Integrated Service for Disabled Children and Young People.