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Annual Reports

The Safeguarding Board's Annual Reports give a summary of what the Board has done each year and how this has contributed towards achieving its vision and goals.

Policies, procedures and guidance


  • Matricide and Patricide - Information Leaflet for Practitioners
  • Keeping Safe: Safeguarding Adults at Risk from Abuse and Neglect 


Developing Together - Social Work Teaching Partnership

We are involved in a unique Social Work Teaching Partnership with seven local authorities, two voluntary sector agencies and an academic partner, Kingston University.  The Partnership has received government funding to develop and test new and innovative approaches to Social Work qualifying education and continuing professional development programmes.  As a result, a significant number of Social Work practitioners from across the Partnership are involved in Kingston University’s Social Work programmes, delivering or co-delivering lectures, workshops and seminars.

Practitioners from across the Partnership also work alongside those with lived experience of social care as part of ‘Create the Curriculum’ events, to contribute to the creation and development of the syllabus, ensuring it is always richly informed by practice.

Our Partnership champions collaboration between practice and academia, and we work together across the Partnership to design and enhance continuing professional development opportunities. We recently commissioned a bespoke Coaching and Mentoring course worth thirty academic credits through Kingston University, and have sponsored twenty Social Workers across the Partnership to complete this qualification.

Find out more about our Teaching Partnership.