Voluntary and community sector grants

About the grants

In 2016 we changed our approach to funding to the voluntary and community sector. The previous Corporate Grants Programme of grant aid to local voluntary and community sector groups has been closed. (Grants already awarded will be honoured to the end of their term.)

We've moved from Community Investment Fund and Strategic Partner Grants to a commissioning approach. We expect this to increase the overall amount of spend that goes to the voluntary and community sector.

Funds are still available for annual one off New Initiatives and Your Kingston grants.

The change will help smaller organisations access funding. The funding will support local activity that engages communities in meeting our community outcomes.

We believe that the voluntary and community sector has a significant role to play in making Kingston upon Thames a good place to live, work or visit.

We're committed to supporting and developing a vibrant, engaged and robust local voluntary and community sector. The voluntary and community sector is a key partner in shaping and delivering the kind of local services and activities that residents want and need. 

Grants available 

Voluntary sector and community groups can apply for a

Funds will be used to benefit the residents of the borough.

Kingston Voluntary Action (KVA)

We work closely with Kingston Voluntary Action (KVA), the local umbrella organisation for the voluntary and community sector.  KVA is able to provide help and advice on a range of topics relating to capacity building and other support, including information on other grant funding available. More information on KVA.

Information on grants is also available from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).  More information on NCVO.