Privacy statement

Children and young people

As the local authority we, along with other agencies such as schools and early years settings, process information about children and young people in order to help administer education and service provision. In doing so we must comply with the Data Protection Act (1998).


This means (amongst other things) that the data held about children must only be used for specific purposes allowed by law. The following information explains the types of data held, why that data is held, and to whom it may be passed on.


Types and use of data


Data held by schools includes contact details, national curriculum assessment results, attendance information, characteristics such as ethnic group, special educational needs and any relevant medical information.


Our data includes information about individuals for whom it provides services, and the details of services provided. This data helps us:  

  • support children’s/young people’s teaching and learning
  • monitor and report on their progress
  • provide appropriate pastoral care
  • assess how well the school, early years setting and Council are doing as a whole
  • monitor progress and develop good practice in the services received
  • carry out specific functions (such as social care and electoral services)

Information may also be shared with other agencies for statistical or research purposes only.


Data is also used and passed on for specific purposes to the following agencies:

  • Department for Education (DfE),
  • Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA),
  • Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted)
  • Department of Health (DH)
  • and organisations that require access to data in the Learner Registration System as part of the MIAP (Managing Information Across Partners) programme and youth support services

All these are data controllers and are subject to the same legal constraints. Other disclosures may be made as required by law.


Data rights and access


As a data subject (or the parent of a data subject), you have certain rights under the Data Protection Act, including a general right to be given access to personal data held by any data controller.


The presumption is that by the age of 12 a child has sufficient maturity to understand their rights and to make an access request themselves if they wish. If you are a parent of a child younger than 12, you would normally be expected to make a request on their behalf.


Youth support services data

For pupils aged 13 years and over, a school is legally required to pass on certain information to us as the provider of youth support services in their area. School must provide the name and address of the pupil and their parents and any further information relevant to the support services' role. In addition, dates of birth of pupils are supplied.


Parents of pupils up to the age of 16 can ask that no information beyond their children’s name, address and date of birth (along with their own name and address) is passed to us. This right transfers to the pupil on their 16th birthday. You will need to inform the school if this is what you wish.


Skills Funding Agency

Some information will be used by the Skills Funding Agency to fulfil its statutory functions, issue/verify your Unique Learner Number (ULN) and update/check your Personal Learning Record.


The Skills Funding Agency may share your ULN and Personal Learning Record with other education related organisations, such as your careers service, school, college, university, government departments and public bodies responsible for funding your education.

Further details of how your information is processed and shared can be found on the Learning Records Service website.


Accessing your data

If you wish to access your personal data, or that of your child, then please contact the relevant organisation in writing. To contact us please email: