New Malden Town Centre Strategy

The process

Future physical development and change in New Malden is defined by the Kingston Local Development Framework Core Strategy. 

This sets out a vision that includes:
  • New Malden District Centre will be a thriving and attractive shopping destination
  • redevelopment at Cocks Crescent and around New Malden Train Station will enhance the vitality of the District Centre
  • sustainable methods of travel will be promoted to facilitate movement through the neighbourhood and reduce traffic congestion, especially around the High Street
  • improved pedestrian and cycle networks will allow easy access to the neighbourhood’s key services, especially at the District Centre
  • support public realm improvements in New Malden District Centre
  • work with Kingston University and other partners to create economic opportunities to retain talent it develops

Our Town Centre Vision will complement the Core Strategy, acting as a guide for external developers. Whilst the vision will not determine planning matters, it will inform potential investors and serve as a guide for developers and provide local information to inform decisions. 

There are several relevant linked strategy documents. Further details can be found in Appendix 1 to the full strategy document - see Appendices.

The New Malden Town Centre Vision has been developed through public consultation, carried out during summer 2012. The Community of New Malden Businesses and other local groups will also help guide and deliver the priorities outlined in the vision.