New Malden Town Centre Strategy

A vision for New Malden

Economic regeneration is a top priority for the development of New Malden Town Centre.

We want to attract new investors and to be well-placed to bid for funds to help breathe new life into the High Street and ensure that it reflects local needs, improve the area’s social, economic and physical wellbeing.

New Malden boasts a vibrant community and a great mix of large and small businesses, and the High Street at its heart has a lot to offer. The challenges that the area faces are an opportunity for us to work together to find ways to harness all the local knowledge, skills and strong community spirit that exists to help to regenerate the High Street, working with the community and businesses to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

The community is an active one, but there is potential for an even greater contribution from local people to the vibrancy and self-confidence of the High Street. A number of businesses on the High Street have formed an association with the aim of taking responsibility for their own destiny.

Close consultation with the community has been crucial in raising the profile of the project. Local people have told us what matters most to them and have come together to share ideas for the future shape of the town centre. It is vital that the vision reflects the views of residents and businesses. People have told us that they value strongly New Malden’s 'village feel', and want to keep and enhance it.

A joined-up Town Centre Vision will help to shape a better New Malden, influencing developments and changes to ensure they meet local needs and aspirations. This sets out the aspirations of the local community, and we will use it to help inform external funding bids and as an investor guide that will help us to implement this vision.

The Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood Committee have recognised the need and are now leading a cross-party Strategic Working Group to develop the vision. Officers from across the Council are providing technical support and expertise.

We are committed to ensuring that New Malden Town Centre is a place that works for local people and somewhere that others choose to visit. With the right vision in place, New Malden will be in a much better position to secure investment to enable it to become reality.

"New Malden has a massive amount of potential but there are some key issues that need to be addressed. By working together, the business community and local people have a real opportunity to make things better for visitors, residents and everyone who works here."

Andy Ross, Suttles of Malden