Major procurements

These are procurements over £100,000.

Major procurements are advertised on our web page:

Contract opportunities

Procurements which reach the European Union procurement thresholds are also advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union.

For major procurements, one of the following procedures will apply:

Restricted procedure

If the contract is fairly complex or there are a large number of suppliers in the market, we use the restricted procedure – a two stage process made up of an appraisal stage (assessed through a supplier questionnaire); and an evaluation stage (assessed through an invitation to tender).

In the tender advertisement you are asked to contact us to express your interest in the contract and request the supplier questionnaire. You then complete the questionnaire and return it within the specified timescale.  

If you make our shortlist you will be invited to tender for the contract. Tenders are evaluated and the contract awarded to the most economically advantageous tender or lowest price tender (depending on what has been stipulated in the tender documents).

Open procedure

If the contract is more straightforward or if the market is small, we use the open procedure – a single-stage process where the appraisal stage and evaluation stage are completed at the same time.

All suppliers who respond to the advertisement are invited to tender.

In this procedure the information you provide in the supplier questionnaire will be considered at the same time as your tender bid.

You will advised of the outcome of the procurement process and provided with written feedback.

Competitive dialogue procedure

We advertise our needs, requirements and award criteria rather than a specific contract. If you approach us with a proposal we will then look at identifying the best way your product and/or service can meet our needs.

You will be provided with:
  • an invitation to tender, which includes details of the evaluation criteria we will use to assess submissions, deadlines and who to contact with any enquires
  • a pricing schedule, which you will complete with your pricing information for the contract
  • a written specification
  • a copy of our terms and conditions for major procurements (see Procurement policies and documents)
If the contract is complex or there are a large number of suppliers in the market (as the restricted procedure) you will also be provided with:
  • a supplier questionnaire, which will ask you for organisation details, financial information, references, quality assurance procedures, information management arrangements, health and safety information, environment and equalities information and some contract-specific questions
If a query has been raised regarding the supplier questionnaire and/or any of the tender documents you will also be send clarification letters.