Community right to challenge

Expressing an interest

An Expression of Interest (EOI) can be submitted for most services, although there are some exemptions included within the Act. They can only be made during set times each year, which are determined locally by individual councils.

In Kingston an EOI can only be submitted during the following times each year:
  • 1 April – 14 April (inclusive)
  • 1 October – 14 October (inclusive)

How to submit an Expression of Interest

Contact us for an EOI form.

Then ensure that your EOI is submitted within the time frame. Applications received outside these times will not be considered.

Ensure that your submission includes:
  • identification of the service to be considered and the geographical area that the service affects
  • who has expressed the interest
  • who is proposing to deliver the service
  • the financial resources of the organisation proposing to run the service
  • evidence that the organisation is capable of delivering the service (this information may become clear during a formal procurement competition)
  • the outcomes that are to be achieved 
  • how the service will be developed to improve the wellbeing and meet the needs of service users
  • how the service will promote the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of the borough

We will acknowledge receipt of an EOI within one month of submission.