Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning gives power to communities in order for them to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area.

The government has introduced the ability for local communities to produce a range of planning documents that form part of the decision making process for new developments. 

The council has produced two documents to provide advice and transparency on our approach to neighbourhood planning:

These documents were approved for publication at the Growth Committee meeting on 17th March 2016.

Neighbourhood Planning Guidance

The Neighbourhood Planning Guidance has been prepared to provide local communities with a detailed reference document. 

Neighbourhood planning can become complicated. The guidance aims to help communities to make informed decisions as to what route they can take to best meet their needs, should they wish to undertake neighbourhood planning.

Neighbourhood Planning Protocol

To support local communities throughout the process of neighbourhood planning, the Neighbourhood Planning Protocol has been developed. This is specifically aimed too:

  • provide general overview and advice on the neighbourhood planning process
  • deal with areas and matters where there is local discretion and flexibility
  • ensure there is clarity and transparency for local communities as well as a coordinated approach within the council in relation to neighbourhood planning.

The Neighbourhood Planning Protocol sets out that we will provide some support, advice and assistance to communities and groups preparing Neighbourhood Plans. It is not intended to fund Neighbourhood Forums from the council's own resources and any support will be subject to available resources to meet the demand at any one time.

Further information on neighbourhood planning can found via the government website.

Neighbourhood Area and Forum applications

The designation of a Neighbourhood Area and a Neighbourhood Forum are the first steps needed to secure these new neighbourhood planning powers for a specific area of the borough. Please go to the next page to see a list of applications for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area and a Neighbourhood Forum received by the council.