About the Cambridge Road Estate regeneration

Top questions from residents

What is happening at Cambridge Road Estate?

  • The council has a proposal to build new homes on the estate and has received money from the Mayor of London to do this.

  • We are still going through the legal process at the moment to formally appoint the developers - if this is agreed then Countryside will start working with us in May.

  • We will then consult residents on what the new homes and the estate will look like - this is known as the masterplan (the overall design plan for the estate).

  • There will be a ballot of residents at the end of the year.

  • If it's a 'yes' vote in the ballot, work will start on the site in early 2021.

When am I going to move?

  • The first phase of building is expected to start in early 2021 with the first new homes ready in 2022.

  • Building new homes across the estate will take about 10 - 15 years.

  • During the next few months we will be doing more work to clarify the timeline with you.

  • All the details of the full timeline and phasing will be clear before the ballot.

Will I have a choice about where I move to?

  • Secure council tenants - Yes - if you are currently a council secure tenant on the Cambridge Road Estate and want to stay on the estate you can. If you want to move to another part of the borough we'll help you do that.
  • Resident freeholders/leaseholders - You will have the option of staying on the estate if you wish to.
  • Households in temporary accommodation - If you are in temporary accommodation provided by the council we will provide you with alternative housing.
  • Tenants of another landlord - If you are a tenant of another landlord or housing association, we will be making contact with your landlord shortly. We will be able to talk to you about your housing options following these conversations.    

Will I get a home the same size?

This depends on your housing needs and circumstances at the time you need to move. Everyone will have an individual conversation on their housing needs nearer the time.

What's the compensation? What help is available?

  • When the time comes for secure tenants to move you will have a named council officer who will support you.

  • If you are a secure council tenant and have been in the property for more than 12 months you will be entitled to a home loss payment, which is currently £6,300.

  • The council will pay your reasonable removal expenses.

  • Vulnerable secure tenants will be given additional support.

  • Resident leaseholders and freeholders will receive the full market value of their property plus 10% home loss payment.

Why can't the council buy my property now?

We are buying properties on the west of the estate where we expect phase one to be - if you have any queries please go to the Regen Office to find out more.

What happens if it's a 'no' vote?

If the majority of residents vote 'no' we will not be able to deliver the comprehensive improvements on offer. We will, however, continue to meet our obligations to carry out any repairs or essential maintenance.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you want to speak to someone independent to the council you can contact Public Participation Consultation and Research Associates Limited (PPCR), who has been appointed as the Independent Tenant and Homeowner Advisor on 020 7407 7452 or FREEPHONE 0800 317 066 or by email: [email protected]

The Regeneration Team are happy to answer questions -  please contact the team by email at [email protected], call us 020 8547 5600 ext 4421 or drop in to the Regen Office at Regeneration Office, 2 Tadlow, Washington Road, KT1 3JL.

Opening times:

  • Monday -  1pm - 4pm
  • Tuesday 9 - 12 noon         
  • Wednesday - 2pm - 5pm

Drop in outside these time and early evenings by arrangement. For an appointment or home visit please contact us on [email protected] or phone 020 8547 5600 extension 4421

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