About the Cambridge Road Estate regeneration


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The regeneration of the CRE gives us the opportunity to provide high quality homes for the residents currently living on the estate and to build the new homes that Kingston needs.

We have now started the process of procuring a joint venture development partner and will be speaking to residents about their needs and how they can influence the process. 

Previous consultations

Housing Needs Survey - this outcomes of the survey will be used to determine future decisions, particularly with regard to property types, phasing of the programme and specialist needs. Residents also had the opportunity to state their aspirations for the regeneration and how they'd like to be involved. 

Decant policies - the consultation has now closed. Following a community-call in, the full Council meeting on 18 October 2017 set up a councillor's Task and Finish Group to look at the appeals process. Council officers will work with the call-in organisers and a report will be presented to the Housing Sub-Committee in March 2018.

For more information please visit www.kingstonconversations.co.uk/CREdecant