Street naming and numbering

Apply online for our approval

Anyone wishing to change the name or number of their property or seeking an address for a new property should apply online attaching a site plan. 

Once we receive your application we will inform you within 10 working days if the proposal is NOT consistent with our policy. If you have submitted street names and they are unsuitable, we will invite you to make alternative suggestions.

If we accept your proposal, we will consult with the Emergency Services and Royal Mail to see if they approve. If they have no objections, we will meet the local neighbourhood group or ward councillors to seek their approval. Within 10 working days of this meeting, we will let you know of the outcome. If it has been approved, we will send an official address certificate to you. If not, we will tell you the reasons why.

Once approved, we will notify Royal Mail, the Emergency Services, Ordnance Survey and Land Registry of the new or changed address or addresses.