Personal licence

How we process your application

We will grant your personal licence if we are satisfied you are over 18, possesses a recognised licensing qualification, have not had a personal licence forfeited in the last five years and have not been convicted of relevant or foreign offences.

If you have been convicted of relevant or foreign offences then we will notify the police. The police will then decide, within 14 days, whether or not there is a need to object.

If the police make an objection we will hold a hearing to consider the objection. We will reject the application if we consider it necessary for the promotion of crime prevention. Otherwise the licence will be granted.

If your application is rejected you have the right to appeal. Your appeal must be made to the magistrates’ court within 21 days, beginning the day we notified you of our decision.

If your application is granted despite a police objection, the police may also appeal under the same terms.