Temporary event notice

Objections and appeals

Copies of your TEN must be sent to the police and the Noise team in Environmental Heath who may object if they believe the event will undermine one or more of the licensing objectives as set out in the Licensing Act. Objections must be raised within three working days from the date we receive your notice. You will be notified if an objection is being made.

If you submit your TEN online, we will forward a copy of it to the police and Environmental Health on your behalf.

Once an objection notice has been served, the police or Environmental Health may ask you to agree modifications to the TEN. If you agree to the modifications the objection will be withdrawn. You may wish to seek your own independent advice on agreeing to modifications.

Unresolved objections will result in your application being considered by the Licensing Sub-committee. You will be notified of the date, time and place of the sub-committee hearing and will be given an opportunity to attend. The hearing will take place and a decision made at least 24 hours before your event is due to start.

If granted, and you TEN relates to a venue that already holds a premises licence, the sub-committee may apply any of the premises’ existing conditions to the TEN.

The sub-committee may decide to serve a counter notice (effectively stopping you holding the event). If a counter notice is given following an objection by the Police or Environmental Health, you can appeal. The Police and Environmental Health can also appeal if a counter notice is not given.

Appeals must be made to the local magistrates' court within 21 days of the counter notice. However, an appeal may not be brought later than five working days before the first day of the planned event. 

You may not appeal a counter notice if it is decided that your TEN does not meet the required conditions - please see the Conditions page.