Temporary event notice

How to submit a temporary event notice

If you wish to hold an event that includes a licensable activity at a premises that does not already have the appropriate licence, or if you wish to temporarily extend the time activities are provided at a venue with a premises licence, you can apply to us by submitting a temporary event notice (TEN). The licensable activities for which a TEN can be given are the same as those covered by a premises licence.

You can submit your temporary event notice online with GOV.UK. The form will take you through your application step by step including payment of the £21 fee.

You do not have to provide any information with your application. However, if you intend only to use part of a premises, or to provide a beer tent in a field for example, a sketch plan of the location or area where you want the TEN to have effect will help us process your application. 

TENs cannot be modified once they have been submitted unless modifications are suggested following an objection by the police or Environmental Health - see Objections and appeals. We will help you with modifications if needed.