Street trading licences

Street Trading

If you want to carry out a ‘licensable activity’ on or within 7 meters of the public highway you will require a Street Trading licence. Licensable activity includes:

Under the London Local Authorities Act 1990 (as amended) anybody who sells items or services on, or within 7 meters of the public highway (usually a road or footpath) will require a Street Trading licence. This will include face painters and traders offering rides such as bouncy castles or carousels,  as well as food vendors and persons selling other goods including those selling items for charitable purposes.

We have a number of permanent pitches across the Borough, as well as opportunities for temporary trading.

Street trading has always formed part of the Boroughs history, with the Ancient Marketplace having been in use since around 1170. Thriving markets add to the diversity of shopping opportunities, and the character of the neighbourhoods in which they are located. Street trading provides valuable employment opportunities for local people and allow new small businesses and traders to test their business skills and ideas in an environment with relatively low start up costs and minimal overheads.

Selling food

If any traders wish to sell raw/uncooked meat or fish, fruit, vegetables, deli food or prepared/cooked food of any kind, they & each of their assistants will be required to have a valid Food Hygiene Certificate at the appropriate level. They are also required to register their business with the Council where they prepare the food for sale.

There must be hand washing facilities provided with water at a suitable temperature, soap or detergent and means of drying hands. Where only low risk open foods such as biscuits, sweets, olives etc. are for sale and utensils are used for handling food, or where food is fully wrapped, a wash hand basin may not be required. In this instance it may be acceptable to provide and use antiseptic wipes/liquid and/or disposable gloves.

More information on food safety and registering as a food business, please refer to the running a food business page.

Selling alcohol

If you wish to sell alcohol, you will need a Temporary Event Notice in addition to any temporary street trading licence.


Our application forms are all available on our application forms page.


Most applications made for Street Trading consent will be served on one or more Council department (for example the Highways team) or partner authority (for example the  Police or Fire Brigade). These bodies, together with members of the public (in certain cases), can make comments on applications.


Details of the fees payable in respect of alcohol and entertainment licences are available on our fees page.