Our policies and strategies

Maintenance of our grounds

Our standards

We maintain 42 acres of grounds and work very hard throughout the year to present a tidy, presentable and uniform finish to all areas within the cemeteries.


Large numbers of crows search our grounds looking for nesting materials and food. They can make a mess in the morning and evening. They may remove flower heads, pull up bedding, pot plants and vases. 

We don't want to harm the crows - it' s an offence to kill or injure any wild bird, take, damage or destroy the nest or eggs. We've been advised that scaring them away is not a long term solution. But we know that the damage they cause can be distressing, so we do our best to clean up after them.

The effect of weather

Regrettably, during bad weather, our grounds are sometimes not to the overall standard we would normally expect or are satisfied with. This is because:
  • lots of rain causes the grass to grow faster than expected
  • at certain times of year we need to prioritise all tasks in favour of our burials and cremation services
  • at certain times of year we suffer from short working weeks due to public holidays

Main drives, memorial gardens and lawns

You may notice during your visit that certain areas appear maintained to a higher standard than others. Often the main drives, memorial gardens, crematorium lawns and lawn areas of cemeteries seem to be tidier. This is not because we care about these areas more or care about other areas less. Instead it is due to the different types of landscape within our grounds. The type of landscape determines the most efficient and safe way of delivering maintenance standards to a particular area.

Tell us your concerns

If you have concerns about standards of maintenance please call in to the administration office located just inside the main gates at Kingston Cemetery or telephone us to let us know. You will always be given an honest answer and assurances that we are always trying our best with the resources available to us and the prevailing weather conditions at the time.