Cremations at Kingston Crematorium

Get the paperwork in place

We need to receive all the forms a few days in advance of the service - the latest we will accept the forms is 10am on the day before the cremation.

You will need the following papers:

Preliminary application for cremation

This confirms your appointment with us, provides details of the type of service you wish us to provide and your instructions for care of the cremated remains.

Application for cremation (Form 1)

This must be completed by the nearest surviving relative or executor. If this is not possible please explain why someone else has applied.

Medical Certificates (Forms 4 and 5)

If the death was not referred to the coroner, two medical certificates are needed to confirm the cause of death. The two medical certificates are known as Forms 4 (Certificate of Medical Attendant) and Form 5 (Confirmatory Certificate).

Contact the doctor that attended to the deceased. Let him or her know that the body is to be cremated. The doctor will then complete Form 4 and arrange for another doctor to complete Form 5.

However, if a hospital post-mortem has been made and the results are known to the doctor who attended the deceased then only Form 4 will be required.

There is a fee for each certificate which you pay to the doctor or hospital. Please ensure that the certificate(s) are delivered to us in a sealed envelope.

Corners Certificate (Form 6)

This will be issued by the Coroner following a post mortem with or without inquest and will take the place of Medical Certificates Forms 4 and 5. There is no fee for this certificate.

Authority to cremate

We will complete this form. This is usually incorporated on the reverse of the medical certificates and is known as Form 10. We will arrange for this to be signed by the Medical Referee.

The Medical Referee visits the crematorium to inspect all the documentation and if in order he/she gives written consent that a cremation can take place. Without this consent the cremation will not go ahead.