Carrying out the arrangements yourself when someone has died

Buying or making a coffin

Coffins can be made from traditional woods, biodegradable material, wicker, bamboo, cardboard or a cloth burial shroud with supporting board.

Alternatively you may wish to make the coffin yourself. If you wish to paint the coffin please use water based paint. The outside measurements of a coffin for cremation can be no larger than 84 inches x 30 inches x 27 inches (length, width and height).

If cremating the body, it is essential that the coffin base is smooth and rigid to allow us to place the coffin safely and reverently into the cremator. Please contact us so we can provide you with advice and our environmental guidance note to ensure you comply with environmental law.

We can provide you with an information sheet on how to make a coffin or if you would like to purchase one we suggest searching the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management’s website, under the products and services section.