Funerals, cremations and cemeteries

Changes to service delivery

Updated 27 April 2020

We are following new Government guidance to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and to ensure the funeral industry and the NHS are protected.

  • Kingston Cemetery is now back open as normal and social distancing remains in place. The Crematorium remains closed with the exception of those attending cremation services.

  • The service administration office (located at Kingston Cemetery) is also closed.

  • The use of electronic forms is encouraged as much as possible. 

  • If using paper forms they should be dropped off by posting through letterboxes.

  • Forms won’t be signed for, so funeral directors are encouraged to confirm by phone or email that the forms have been delivered and check they have been received.

  • The crematorium waiting room is now closed, we request that mourners stay in their cars and not enter the chapel until asked to do so by the chapel attendant or funeral director. 

  • As per the governments guidance on social distancing hand shakes with ministers, celebrants, funeral directors, mourners etc is discouraged.

  • Chapel doors will be opened and closed by chapel attendant or funeral director preferably by a gloved hand.

Changes during the services 

  • We are restricting attendees at cremation and burial services to members of the deceased person's household or close family members (a maximum of 10 persons). So a safe distance of at least 2 metres can be maintained between individuals.

  • If the deceased has neither household or family members in attendance, then it is possible for a modest number of friends to attend.

  • Any individuals displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) should not attend funeral services.

  • We have stopped witnessed scattering and burial of cremated remains. We will honour existing bookings should the bereaved wish to proceed but will be exercising strict social distancing.

  • Service books have been removed as it is difficult to clean each book between services. You will need to provide service sheets for your funeral services. Please ensure mourners take the service sheets with them as they leave the chapel and if not wanted place them in the waste bins outside. 

  • Based on the Governments social distancing guidance we are encouraging mourners to wave or blow a kiss and discouraging mourners from touching the coffin as they leave the chapel. 

  • The number of people allowed to witness the charging of a coffin into the cremator will be restricted to six mourners.

  • Please ask mourners not to congregate for a protracted period following a funeral service.

  • Cremated remains will be removed by the funeral director from the crematorium by appointment. Please ensure that the ‘remove by applicant’ option is not selected on form 1 and ‘prelim’ forms and that applicants are advised not to attend the office for personal collection into their care.

Further advice is available on The Government website.

Whilst some of these changes may feel disruptive we feel they are the right things to do in line with the Governments guidelines, proposed changes to legislation and joint industry guidance to provide a safe environment for our residents, clients and our frontline colleagues.