Citizenship ceremonies

Ceremonies at Kingston Guildhall

Attending a citizenship ceremony and being presented with your British Naturalisation Certificate is the final step in the process of becoming a British citizen. We welcome 1,000 new citizens every year here in Kingston upon Thames.
All adults have to attend a ceremony; children do not have to attend but we find that they enjoy the celebration.
Two citizenship ceremonies are held each month; one on a Saturday and one on a weekday. They are held in the Guildhall, High Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1EU. If you live in the borough or have specifically asked to attend in Kingston then we look forward to welcoming you to your ceremony.
Once you have been approved for Citizenship by UK Visas and Immigration you have three months in which to attend a ceremony. You will receive your Home Office Invitation Letter with your unique Home Office reference number and then you will be ready to book your ceremony.


Booking your ceremony

In order to book your ceremony, please email [email protected]. You will be asked for your Home Office reference number.
You must bring your Home Office invitation letter to the ceremony for all those receiving their certificate. This also applies to children even if they are not present.

The private ceremony

Private ceremonies are held at the Guildhall and these can usually be arranged at short notice. There is an additional fee of £110.00 for a private ceremony.