Tell Us Once

How it works

At your death registration appointment, the registrar will register you onto the Tell Us Once service and give you a unique reference number. You will need this unique number to enable you to Tell Us Once online or make one telephone call to the Tell Us Once team who will, on your behalf, notify as many organisations that participate in the service as possible. This single contact should save you numerous calls and letters to each individual department.

The registrar will give you a letter which will contain a unique reference number, together with details of the phone number or website for you to use when you complete the second part of the Tell Us Once process.

Tell Us Once will then notify those organisations of the death and amend their records accordingly. This will save you having to contact them individually yourself - everything will be dealt with in one go.

If you are not the next of kin to the deceased, you must gain their authority to complete part two of Tell Us Once on their behalf, as they may later be contacted by organisations that have been informed.

Information you need to provide

If you do wish to complete Part 2 of the service, it would be useful to have the following information with you:

  • death certificate information

  • deceased's National Insurance Number

  • deceased’s surviving husband, wife or civil partner’s National Insurance Number or date of birth

  • next of kin's name, address and telephone number

  • information about any benefits and services the deceased may have been receiving (eg state pension, income support, housing benefit, library card, etc)

  • name and address of the person dealing with the deceased's estate (if different to next of kin)

  • driving licence (if held), or driver number if licence not available

  • passport (if held) or passport number if passport not available