Tell Us Once


Losing a loved one is hard enough without the stress of paperwork and telephone calls to make. Research has shown that the average bereaved family contacts central and local government seven or eight times following a bereavement. The Tell Us Once service aims to ease this burden by allowing you to tell multiple government agencies about a death at the same time.

At your death registration appointment, the registrar will register you onto the Tell Us Once service and give you a unique reference number. You will need this unique number to enable you to tell us once online or make one telephone call to the Tell Us Once team who will, on your behalf, notify as many organisations that participate in the service as possible. This single contact should save you numerous calls and letters to each individual department.

As part of the death registration, you will be asked where the deceased lived. If they resided in the borough or any participating area, the Tell Us Once service will be offered to you so that you can decide whether you would like to use it. If you would like to check whether the deceased lived in a participating area, you can check on online.