Storing or scattering cremated remains

Options available at Kingston or Surbiton Cemetery

We provide a variety of ways to store cremated remains at our cemeteries in Kingston and Surbiton. We will gladly talk through the choices with you to decide what is best. You can also commemorate the resting place of a loved one with a memorial in our grounds at any time.

If you have no instructions or wishes for the cremated remains they will rest in our care for three months from the date of cremation and then reverently scattered in the gardens of remembrance.

Options available at our cemeteries in Kingston and Surbiton 

Private garden

You may like to bury the cremated remains in a small, circular, private garden created especially for the purpose. The garden contains a dwarf conifer and a fully inscribed granite plaque with emblem in gold leaf which is inset into a rustic boulder with gold topped flower vase.

You can choose from a selection of natural stone chippings to dress the garden surface. The stones give colour to the garden all year round. The garden is maintenance free and can be purchased for 75 years. A Private Garden accepts up to two caskets.

Niche wall space

Alternatively you may like to place the cremated remains in a niche wall space. A niche space may be leased for a renewable 10 year period. Each niche has space for two caskets. The niche is provided with a polished black granite plaque with a gold inscription. There is no fee for placement of the caskets within the niche.

Garden of Remembrance

Cremated remains can be placed in the Garden of Remembrance – they are not buried but placed loose on the ground. We keep a record of where they were placed so you may visit it in the future. The space is not private and in time it will be used again for other cremated remains.

The garden does not offer the focal point provided by a plot or private garden as decorations or memorials (gravestones or memorial plaques); cannot be placed with the remains. Instead we invite you to place cut flowers (without wrappings) in the garden or to dedicate a memorial within the cemetery or other special place.

The placement of cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance usually happens one month after cremation unless you have specifically requested otherwise. You may make an appointment to witness the placement or instruct us to do so on your behalf.

Options available at our cemetery in Kingston only

Cremation plot in a lawn grave

These are laid out in formal rows and each plot accepts up to 4 caskets which are buried beneath a concrete slab. A small memorial can be placed upon the slab. We can offer contact details for approved masons or you may like to discuss the options with your funeral director. These graves can be purchased for 50 years.

Cremation plot in a traditional grave

These are set back to back with a space between each pair for privacy. You may choose from various decorative options - a choice of memorial, kerb set, decorative infill, foundation, fully inscribed in gold leaf with 80 free letters/numbers. A traditional grave accepts up to two caskets and can be purchased for 50 years.

Existing family grave space

You may bury, or surface place, cremated remains in an existing family grave space. Burial usually takes place at the head or foot of the grave to leave space for the future burial of coffins. To use an existing family grave space we need the written consent of the Registered Grave Owner. If the grave owner is deceased then a new owner will have to be registered. Please let us know if you need help with this process.