Birth certificates

Cost of birth certificates 

It is free to register the birth of your baby. However, if your require the full birth certificate, it costs £11 per copy.

To order a copy of a birth certificate for a birth that has already been registered, you can use the online order form.

EU Citizens

To assist citizens from EU Countries, the General Register Office can provide you with an authorised version of the certificate translated into the official language of your county.  This is called a ‘Multilingual Standard Form’ (MSF), and costs £22 per copy.  

Please contact the General Register office for further information on 0300 123 1837.

Correct a birth certificate after registration

You can only correct a birth certificate when the information on the certificate is wrong (eg a mistake was made when recording a parent’s occupation). There is a fee payable for this service.

Unfortunately, you can’t change a birth certificate to show new information (eg changing your name after getting married again). But you can apply to re-register the birth if the natural parents get married at a later date.

Visit the GOV.UK website to find out:

  • what corrections can be made
  • who can apply
  • how to apply
  • how much it costs 
  • how long an application takes

Changing a surname on a birth certificate

Surnames cannot be changed on a birth certificate except through re-registration (adding the natural father’s details to a record) or through adoption.

Changing a first name on a birth certificate

You can change your child's first name on their birth certificate within 12 months of the original registration date.

There is a £40 fee payable for this service.

You must complete the 'Add a forename (not in baptism)' form and submit this to the Register Office in the district where you baby was born.

Changing birth certificates issued by Kingston Register Office

If you would like to change your child's first name on the birth certificate you should download and complete one of the following two forms:

You should then either take or send this completed form to Kingston Register Office with the statutory fee.