Find a nursery within Kingston upon Thames

If you are looking for a nursery you can use the e-admissions map to find a nursery near you.

Or, if you are looking for a particular type of nursery, we've listed the options available in the borough:

You can also search our families service directory for further options.

You can view performance tables for the nurseries on the Department for Education’s website and Ofsted reports on Ofsted's website.  

Our Nursery Education in Kingston upon Thames booklet explains the different types of nursery education available as well as when and how to apply for a nursery place.

Apply for a nursery place at a local authority school

To apply for a nursery place at a local authority school:

  • choose the nursery you would like to apply to  – you may wish to arrange a visit to meet with the staff and look around
  • contact the nursery school for their application form, or download a copy from their website if available
  • places will be offered to parents in accordance with the chosen nursery’s admissions criteria

Visit: for more information. 

Childcare and free early education 

If you'd like information on childcare generally - see our child care section. 

Don't forget:

  • some children are eligible for free childcare and early education from the term after their second birthday
  • all children are eligible for free early education funding from the term following their third birthday
  • see free early education