Events in a park

Parks and open spaces are attractive locations to host events. They are easy to access and have space to accommodate large numbers of people, giving event organisers maximum numbers of attendees.

In Kingston there are 50 parks and green spaces, providing excellent event spaces. Applications to use parks and open spaces are assessed on a case by case basis, as not all may be suitable for the type of event you want to hold, or have the right level of access and exit routes for those attending.

Kingston Council charges different fees for holding events in parks and open spaces. Fees are based on:

  • the nature of the events being held (e.g. fun fairs, circuses, car boot sales)
  • the scale of the event
  • the number of days the event is held on
  • the land that is occupied

Before applying, you must read our green spaces outdoor events policy.

Specific information required for setting up an event in the park, including time scales, will be sent to you once you have submitted your initial enquiry form. You can also download our parks event checklist to assist you during your event organising.

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