Virtual Exhibition of Learner Work

Kingston Council Virtual Expedition

Kingston Adult Education presents a Virtual Exhibition of Learner Work

Ordinarily at this time, Kingston Adult Education (KAE) would be nearing the end of the summer term, after a full year of creativity and excellence in many different areas. Over the last few years, we’ve held a Learner Festival in June/July to celebrate and showcase what our learners have produced in their courses and exhibit their works. We’ve often been in awe of the sheer variety of items that have been made in our classes and the high standards of work produced. 

2020 has turned out very differently to what anyone could have predicted or imagined. The pandemic has brought about many challenges and exceptionally difficult situations. 

This year, a ceramic learner suggested that we move the exhibition online and what you have here is a wonderful selection of artwork, ceramics and sculpture, stained glass and copper foiling, and creative writing. We’re very proud of our learners’ achievements and talents. 

We’ve missed our learners and know that they have missed their classes, tutors and colleagues too. 

Please click on the images below for the full gallery of images. Enjoy the exhibition (best viewed as a slideshow) and look out for our new programme for 2020-21 coming soon on the KAE homepage. 

If you want to find out any more information about any of the works with an *, please contact [email protected]