Kingston - Commissioning and Contracts

Kingston crowd and flags

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Council is on a journey towards becoming a Enabling Council with a mission to transform and improve how we deliver our services.

Kingston Council has an ambition to change its relationship with its communities; to be an Enabling Council. To do this it needs to reinvent itself and ensure that all its resources are used to best effect; rather than simply cutting costs and making savings - what might be termed “salami slicing”. To be successful it needs to transform itself into a high performing networked organisation with a highly constructive culture where people truly flourish and reach their full potential.

Becoming an enabling council is a key principle that runs through our organisational development and is embedded in everything we do.  

This is your opportunity to contribute to delivering one of the Council's biggest savings and transformation programmes: Smarter Commissioning; Better Contracting. 

This is your opportunity to support the successful delivery of some of the Council's most ambitious projects.  These range from our major regeneration and house building programme to recommissioning our Finance systems and everything in between. There is no part of the Council this role will not engage with therefore strong stakeholder management and relationship building skills are a must.

The Council is focused on progressing its thinking to deliver the best possible outcomes for its communities.  We are proud that Kingston's citizens and businesses receive professional, responsive and high-quality service.  Where we go next will require ever more effective commissioning leadership, expertise and project management, a strongly evidence-based approach and a willingness to work flexibly across services and teams focusssing on outcome delivery not service management.

To do this we’ve set up a Commissioning, Commercial and Contracts Department, a team that brings together these related skills to work together more effectively. The team will enable us to focus our resources on delivering the Council’s priorities in the most effective and efficient way, develop new partnerships and work in new ways.