Snow Friends welcome session

Snow Friends are local residents who volunteer to grit pavements and clear snow in their local area.

If you are interested in becoming a Snow Friend, then the next step is to join us at a Welcome Session where you will:

  • receive an introduction.
  • be required to fill out a 'fit to participate' form.
  • Be issued with your Snow Friends kit.
  • The larger items, which complete the kit (grit and a shovel), will be delivered to your house at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to volunteer?

All volunteers will need to attend an Welcome Session led by our Community Rangers, where you will be required to complete a 'fit to participate' form. 

This Welcome Sessions cover the basics of keeping safe, how to clear snow and how to grit effectively. The purpose of the Snow Friends initiative is to help make the borough a safer and nicer place for everyone to walk around but we don't expect you to put yourself at risk of injury to achieve this.

What do I get for signing up? 

We provide a free induction session, guidance notes and equipment including a snow shovel, salt, shoe grips and high visibility vest.

How will I know when to grit?

As a volunteer you will be sent an email if snow is forecast.

When are the best times to grit?

In advance of snow falling; after snow has fallen and has been cleared; when snow has turned to ice and is difficult to clear.

Can I get sued for clearing snow?

There is no law preventing you from clearing snow and ice from the pavement outside your property, pathways to your property or public spaces.
As you are volunteering on behalf of the Council, Kingston's public liability insurance will cover you against claims for personal injury by members of the public relating to streets which you have treated - as long as you follow the guidelines and best practices set out in the induction. Review guidance on website.