Trading Standards

Proof of Age London scheme

Aged 16-25 and living or studying in London? 

With the Proof of Age London (PAL) scheme you can buy PAL card for £10. The scheme is recognised across the country and means you won't need to carry expensive and important ID such as your passport or driving licence.

A lot of businesses in the borough and beyond operate ‘Challenge 25’, where if you look 25 or under you will be asked for identification when purchasing age restricted products and services. So you’re probably quite used to having to prove your age at the cinema, pubs and clubs, and in shops.

Pick up your PAL card

To qualify for a PAL card you must be living and/or studying in a London borough. However, the card can be used across the UK.


Your PAL card will be issued and administered on behalf of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames by the London Borough of Southwark.


To apply call 020 7525 4261 or email [email protected], stating your:

  • full name
  • address with postcode
  • date of birth
  • school, college or university (if applicable)

An application form will posted for you to complete and return. For more information please visit the PAL card website.

Underage Sales

Trading Standards works hard to prevent sales of restricted goods from being sold to children. These include alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco and knives. Part of our work is to assist businesses to prevent these sales by providing advice and guidance to them. 
Working in partnership with the London Mayor's Office and the Metropolitan Police, videos and information can be found on the National Busines Crime Centre website. 
If you are a busines that would like additional help to stop underage sales please contact Kingston Trading Standards.

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