Climate change emergency and Citizens' assembly

Climate change emergency declaration

Our initial assessment report on the climate change emergency was recently discussed at the council's Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee on 26 November 2019. 

The report outlines the council’s current approach to carbon reduction and sustainability in operations and the initial actions taken since the declaration of the climate emergency in June 2019. It also looks at the next steps that the council will take.

At the council’s Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee on 25 June, it was agreed to declare a climate emergency in the borough.

According to Climate Mobilization statistics, Kingston is one of more than 900 local governments from 18 countries, which have declared a Climate Emergency. We in Kingston want to take the lead on a local level and set an example for other authorities around the country and beyond to follow.

But the motion is just the first step. We are now in the process of creating a working group dedicated to monitoring the projects that are already being rolled out and identify any areas of improvement, with the goal of making our borough carbon neutral by 2038.

Other initiatives already in motion are our continued investment in cycle lanes, supporting the roll-out of dockless and e-bikes, installing more electric vehicle charging points, and the commitment to plant 2,000 extra trees in the borough by 2022.

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