How is the council already tackling climate change?

Efficient Buildings

  • The council has worked with Thames Water to explore the possibilities of harnessing heat to warm local houses, public buildings and businesses
  • Reviewed the delivery of our property services, with new positions focussed on energy management and sustainable construction, working to a new head of service responsible for the sustainability of our estate
  • Redesigned facilities management to focus on social and environmental outcomes, including removal of single use plastics, reducing use of harmful chemicals and more sustainable maintenance approaches
  • Baselined and benchmarked the emissions for each of our assets, and are using this data as a core consideration for estates based decision making
  • Approved a business case to install automatic utility meters in all of our assets, so we can get more accurate, real time data to underpin effective decision making
  • Started upgrading our mechanical and electrical installations, including installing Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting, better insulation and more efficient heating systems

Efficient Homes

  • The council has supported three rounds of the ‘Solar Together’ programme, linking residents with providers of solar panels and battery storage
  • Undertaken a stock condition survey of our Council properties so we can develop budget proposals for retrofit
  • Used carbon offset funds to run the ‘Warm Homes Better Health’ programme to support residents in fuel poverty

How we travel

  • The council has opened a new Cycle Hub next to Kingston train station which has space for almost 400 bikes, with a new cycle and pedestrian bridge linking the station and the river and adjoining cycle routes
  • Increased the number of school streets in the borough to help tackle poor air quality associated with the school run
  • Introduced three Low Traffic Neighbourhoods to prevent the roads being used as the through-route for motor traffic
  • Installed electric vehicle chargers across the borough
  • Begun to replace our fleet with electric vehicles 

Waste Reduction

  • The council has started recycling the material collected from our road sweeping machines
  • Introduced a booking system and fair use policy at the Household Recycling Centre to encourage waste reduction and the separation of items for recycling or reuse
  • Increased the number of households using the garden waste recycling service
  • Established a Fly Tipping Task Force to tackle local waste issues

Green Economy

The council has established the Transition to a Green Economy working group as part of the Kingston Economic Recovery Taskforce. This group focuses on four Priority thematic areas:

  • Greening local businesses
  • Decarbonising business transport
  • Developing of a Green Skills Action Plan in conjunction with local partners, neighbouring south London boroughs and the GLA, which will result in new funding for green skills development across local businesses 
  • Creating ‘deep green’ high streets and town centres

Sustainable Council

  • The council has funded a programme to move all of Kingston’s street lights to 100% LED by 2023. This will reduce the amount of energy used for street lighting around 50%
  • Established a climate emergency staff network and a director and assistant director led climate emergency steering group
  • Implemented a responsible investment strategy for our pension fund 
  • Developed a new commissioning framework that requires suppliers to deliver carbon reductions alongside other social benefits

Natural Environment

  • The council has employed a biodiversity officer for Kingston, and set up our biodiversity partnership
  • Re-commissioned our green spaces contracts with a focus on tackling the climate emergency
  • Planted hundreds of trees each year
  • Piloted the Wildways Strategy, an adapted mowing regime on highways verges across the borough to secure biodiversity and climate outcomes
  • Reviewed the borough’s Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation and identified six more for adoption
  • Trialled a reduction in the use of chemicals to control weeds

Last Modified: 31/08/2022 14:43:19