How we prepare and plan for an emergency

Our role in emergency planning

If there is a major emergency, our Emergency Planning Team co-ordinates the Council’s response and provides support to the emergency services, residents and businesses. 

How we plan for an emergency

We provide staff and volunteers with the plans, procedures and information they need to help them reduce the effects of any major emergency in the borough. This ensures our day to day services (such as social work, schools, rubbish collection, health services etc) continue as much as possible.

Our emergency plans explain how to give an effective, flexible and timely response to an emergency. These plans and procedures help us minimise the distress and disruption caused by an emergency.

We follow the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, the law that guides us on emergency planning. Our main duties under the Act are:

  • writing, testing and validating the Council’s emergency plans 
  • training and exercising emergency plans with businesses and partner agencies
  • assessing local risks 
  • sharing information and working together with partner agencies 
  • warning and informing residents and businesses of incidents and risks
  • promoting business continuity to the local community

Summary of the RBK Major Incident Plan

How the emergency services plan for an emergency

Our Emergency Services follow the procedures set out in the London Emergency Services Liaison Panel (LESLP) Major Incident Procedure Manual. The procedures are updated regularly.

Public utilities and voluntary organisations have their own emergency plans too.

Recovering from an emergency

The emergency services lead in the initial stages of an emergency. But in the recovery stage, we are responsible for:

  • rebuilding the community
  • managing the financial implications of an emergency
  • managing resources
  • responding to community welfare needs
  • developing strategic issues

As much as possible, we'll keep you up to date on the emergency and our recovery through:

We'll work with other organisations to ensure the community can recover from an emergency. 


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