Bereavement services

Bereavement services

Kingston Bereavement Services is a Member of the Charter for the Bereaved. We provide a crematorium and cemeteries. We respect the needs of the bereaved through the provision of a dignified burial, cremation and memorial service offering as much choice as possible. We can also help you to make your own arrangements.

We can help you understand the process

We can help you understand the process involved in arranging a funeral, burial, cremation or memorial and explain the services offered at our two cemeteries.

For further information or clarification, contact our professional and dedicated team who are able to offer sympathetic help to you or in liaison with your chosen funeral director.

You can hold the funeral, burial, cremation or memorial with us

You may like to consider holding the funeral, burial, cremation or memorial with us at one of our cemeteries.

With beautiful memorial gardens and an abundance of wildlife, each cemetery provides a serene and dignified setting for you to say goodbye to a loved one. Both the crematorium and cemeteries have a chapel for services, various grave types and memorial choices.

Visiting times for Kingston and Surbiton Cemeteries

Monday to Friday

  • January, November and December - 9am - 4pm
  • February and October - 9am - 5pm
  • March, April and September - 9am - 6pm
  • May, June, July and August - 9am - 7pm

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

  • January, November and December - 10am - 4pm
  • All other months - 10am - 5pm

Remembrance Chapel

  • Open Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm. Weekends as per the above times.

Following a health and safety inspection of the chapel at Kingston Cemetery, we have had to extend the current fenced Chapel exclusion zone to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. Regrettably, this means that some memorials near the chapel will not be accessible. We are conscious of the need for you to tend the grave of your loved ones so our Bereavement Team will be pleased to place flowers, remove old flowers and tidy your grave for you throughout the period you are unable to access the area yourself.

When visiting

Our gardeners take care to maintain the grounds and present a peaceful space for everyone. Please help us to keep the grounds in order by removing wrappers from cut flowers placed in the memorial gardens, not placing your own plants or vases unless permitted within a purchased grave space and putting litter in the bins provided.

Bereavement Services Prices

Prices as of 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020


The cremation fee is inclusive of an organist, an urn and/or placement of remains within the Gardens of Remembrance.

Service costs

  • standard service - £670
  • 8.30am with no service - £305
  • services that start at 9am and 9.40am - £445
  • services that start at 10.20am onwards - £670
  • services on a Saturday or Sunday have a surcharge - £620
  • extended service - £300
  • Late cremation paperwork - £50

Placing the cremated remains

  • Rose Walk Sunken Garden (rights for 50 years, inclusive of a large granite book memorial with first page gold inscription and emblem) - £2,750
  • Private Garden (rights for 75 years, inclusive of a rustic boulder or small book with inscription and emblem or photo plaque) - £2,750
  • Columbarium Niche (rights for 10 years, inclusive of two caskets and first entombment if required together with a gold inscribed plaque and border) - £700
  • Standard Cremation Plot (rights 50 years) - £1,250
  • Burial of Cremated remains - £250
  • Scattering on Remembrance Gardens from other Crematoria - £100

Urns and Keepsakes

  • Oak cremation casket - £60
  • Decorative scatter tubes - £30
  • Keepsake jewellery, candles and clocks - Price on request
  • Bio-degradable and ceramic urns - Price on request


Certified extract from register - this is required for the removal of cremated remains from out of the United Kingdom - £10


Grave and mausoleum rights

  • traditional grave rights, four foot centre - £3,100
  • traditional grave rights, five foot centre - £6,050
  • lawn grave rights - £2,695
  • mausoleum rights  - £6,050
  • option to reserve grave rights for two years (only for the maintenance of existing leases) - £350


  • burial to first or second depth - £1,950
  • burial in Chapel - £150
  • surcharge for burials on a Saturday - £620

An organist is only available at our Kingston Cemetery and Crematorium.

The prices shown for graves and burials are for residents of the borough. A price increase of 50% of the total fee is added for non residents. You can talk to us about what qualifies as a resident.


  • exhumation from first or second depth - £1,950
  • exhumation of coffin - £1,950
  • surcharge per coffin for multiple exhumations - £500
  • exhumation per casket of cremated remains - £300

Moving memorials and ownership deeds

  • memorial permit - £150
  • Transfer of Ownership and Title Deed - £50


Remembrance Garden memorial 

  • for five years, includes a rustic boulder - £700
  • renewal for five years - £350

Plaques, books and vases

  • teddy bear memorial for 10 years - £1000
  • oval plaque with photo plaque or gilded or colour design - £250
  • leather plaque for 10 years - £350 ( complete the form to apply for a leather plaque memorial )
  • granite book with one page gilded and one colour design or photo plaque - £260
  • large granite book with one page gilded and one colour design - £850
  • large book second page inscription gilded and design - £185 + p&p
  • large book photo plaque - £125 
  • second page inscription with one page gilded and one colour design - £185  + p&p

Rustic boulder options

  • single rustic boulder including plaque or vase - £345
  • double rustic boulder including plaque and vase - £440
  • replacement boulder plaque with photo plaque or gilded or colour design - £200
  • replacement boulder vase and top - £15


  • rose bush for five years, includes plaque - £250
  • standard rose for five years, includes plaque - £250
  • additional or replacement rose plaque - £50

complete the form to apply for a rose memorial

Book of Remembrance

  • two lines - £75
  • five lines - £115
  • eight lines - £200
  • add a flower or emblem to five or eight lines - £75
  • deluxe miniature Book of Remembrance (in addition to the cost of lines or emblem) - £35

Personal or family memorial

  • with one photo, eight lines of text and a themed background with viewing card for privacy - £90
  • additional photos, price per photo - £40
  • additional lines, price per line - £10
  • additional viewing card, price per card - £10

We will endeavour to meet your needs so please talk to us if you need a family sized 'Private garden' or a 'Home and garden' memorial.

Genealogical Searches

  • our genealogical search - £30
  • your personal use of the archive facility for 30 mins - free


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