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COVID-19 Support and advice for businesses

This page provides the latest information for Kingston businesses, including resources to support you. 

You can find more general community support and information on the main COVID-19 page, and general business support and information on our business homepage.

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Head to GOV.UK's business support pages for the government's business support portal throuought COVID-19. 

Government Support for businesses

Explore the range of support options for your business, including funding, Self Employment Income Support and guidance on managing restrictions. 

What to do if you have a case of COVID-19 in your business

To keep Kingston safe, it is vital that all cases of the virus are reported. As soon as you identify a case of COVID-19:

  • Staff members with confirmed COVID-19 must self-isolate for 10 days. All members of their household must also self-isolate for 10 days.
  • All close contacts of the case must self-isolate immediately for 10 days from last contact and get tested if they experience symptoms - or 119 to book a test.
  • Review your COVID-19 risk assessment and measures to prevent further transmission of the virus.

You should also read through the local outbreak plan for community workplaces. This details everything that you need to do, including how to report an outbreak, and when you can access testing for your workers. NHS contact tracing app


The NHS contact tracing app has been launched by the Government.  

It gives businesses in England and Wales the opportunity to display a unique QR code on their premises for customers who have downloaded the App to click on using their smartphones.  Businesses and venues in England and Wales are legally required to create, download and display a poster containing a unique QR code on their premises. Venues not displaying a QR code may be fined £1000. 

For those customers who do not have smartphones or who do not wish to use the QR code, a written record of their personal details must still be retained by the business. 

Find out which businesses are required to display a QR code

The NHS has compiled an FAQ page of questions about the use of the QR codes and the App in your business and a resource pack for you to use.

Government and local advice and guidance:

Specialised support for businesses

Culture at Risk Fund

The Mayor of London has announced a targeted emergency fund to help London's creative and cultural industries at risk due to the impact of COVID-19. If you are an arts organisation, business or individual working in the cultural sector, creative industries or night-time economy, visit the Mayor of London's Culture at Risk page.

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