COVID-19 information in other formats

Find information on coronavirus (COVID-19) in accessible formats and alternative languages on this page. We've also linked to Government websites to help different groups in the community understand how to stay safe.

COVID-19 translated advice and guidance

The Government have provided the following resources in various languages:

Doctors of the World have also provided translated COVID-19 resources informed by government and NHS advice.

The International Organization for Migration has set up the COVID-19 Migrant Information Service, which provides multilingual information on COVID-19 measures and support in the UK context. The aim is to support migrants who may face language barriers when reading complex information. The information is available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Romanian. It relates to 5 important areas of everyday life that have been significantly affected by COVID-19: health, employment, benefits, housing and immigration.

Translated videos and audio recordings:

You can download audio advice about the current lockdown restrictions in Turkish, Somali, Polish, Romanian, Gujarati and Bengali here. You can also download a message from Professor Chris Whitty on the importance of staying home, in a variety of languages, here.

The Mayor of London's office has also created a webpage with a whole host of COVID-19 guidance and support in many languages. You can find that here.

You can also find translations of COVID-19 scams to look out for.

Doctors of the world have translated public health into 44 languages.

Essential BSL advice from NHS and Government

Essential advice from the NHS and Government for blind/partially sighted residents

Gov test and trace audio

General information, advice and resource is also available from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

Braille posters can be ordered from Public Health England by emailing [email protected].

Coronavirus information for deafblind residents

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