Keep Kingston Safe: Kingston’s Local Outbreak Control Plan

Keep Kingston Safe: The Kingston Local Outbreak Control Plan

Play your part to Keep Kingston Safe

The Council has published Keep Kingston Safe: Kingston Local Outbreak Prevention and Control Plan which outlines the role of the council, partner organisations, businesses and residents in preventing and responding to local outbreaks of COVID-19. It is vital that we all know our role in helping to Keep Kingston Safe. Please read the plan and play your part in protecting our communities from the virus.The plan also explains how we will work in partnership with local and national organisations and businesses to investigate, manage and control local outbreaks to Keep Kingston Safe.

You can download the full outbreak control plan here.

You can find individual plans for a variety of scenarios here, including:

These plans are practical guides for our partners across Kingston. In the event that coronavirus cases emerge in your organisation, you should use the relevant plan for your setting and follow the steps laid out.

Local data on COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Kingston

You can access local data on coronavirus cases in Kingston upon Thames, and much more, on the Kingston Data site (please note: the page may take a minute to load). This information is from Public Health England and is updated weekly.

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