COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - staying healthy and connected

Supporting children at home

Please regularly check the GOV website for the latest health advice, online help and guidance.    


First thing is make sure that the children know about how to prevent the spread of disease by making sure that they wash their hands often and when required. 

Establishing a routine with regular meals

Try to get into a regular household routine with regular meals. Try out some BBC recipes  using whatever you have in the cupboard or fridge. You could get the children involved in some cooking as part of the routine and use it as a chance to learn a new skill and it can be a great indoor activity. 

Keeping everyone active

Everyone needs exercise in one form or another. Children need to do a recommended 30 minutes during the ‘school day’ and 30 minutes afterwards. For children it can be a fun activity and key to good health. It can also help children get a good night's sleep. We may have to think creatively about how we all get enough exercise if we are at home for the day. Take a look at the 10 minute shake up ideas from Change4Life that you can do at home. 

The green open spaces of the borough, such as parks (but not playgrounds, until further notice), are open for walking and running. Make sure that you and the children stay at least 2 metres from anyone else in the park. When you get home, make sure that everyone’s hands are immediately washed for at least 20 seconds in warm water before they touch any surfaces in your home.

Creative activities

 Spending a lot of time at home together is going to require us to get our thinking caps on for some fun holiday activities to keep everyone busy. Here are a few ideas:

Learn a new skill

This could be the time to learn a new skill or perfect something that we haven’t had the time to do before. Is this the moment to learn a new language, try out knitting, play a new card game, perfect your recorder or piano or singing skills?

Libraries online

Did you know that you can access some of our library services online?


We all need it – doing some physical exercise in the day (but not right before bedtime) and enjoying some relaxing activities in the evening eg. reading a story with young children, can be helpful for a good night’s sleep. Take a look at the NHS top tips on how to get to sleep.  

Stay connected

Connect with family members, especially older family members who may be self isolated, on Skype or Facetime or the phone. Could the children speak a bit more often to their older relatives or Skype or Facetime them? Is this the time to get everyone at the table for a virtual dinner? Could the children play a game, such as chess, online with the older relatives? How about setting up a virtual bookclub with your friends and family? Use a digital platform like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts or, if you can't access a PC or the internet, you could try the telephone conference call facility on your mobile phone.

Concerned about a child? Read our safeguarding children information for steps to take.

Place2Be – Coronavirus: Helpful information to answer questions from children

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