COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - staying healthy and connected

Looking after your health during COVID-19

Practical advice for staying at home

Mind website has some great practical advice for staying at home and taking care of your health and wellbeing.

Staying connected

  • Connected Kingston guide to staying digitally connected with friends and family online

  • Kingston Stronger Together - Volunteer and help your local community. Volunteering and carrying out acts of kindness are known to improve our wellbeing whilst also helping others and this really is the time to help out.

Looking after your physical health

  • Keep physically fit without going to the gym - Find out some ideas for home exercising on Connected Kingston, including plenty of exercise for older people and during pregnancy.

  • Some helpful tips for learning to cook healthily - Where we once had a long list of healthy foods to try out, we know that shopping is now a bit more tricky. Take a look at these healthy store cupboard recipes for some inspiration. Go to Connected Kingston Accessing Food page for more information about cooking at home, alternative food delivery options and how to donate food to the vulnerable and needy.

  • Some hints to look after your back - If you are working from home, you might find yourself sitting for long periods of time, take a look at some advice for sitting at your desk correctly and posture tips for laptop users.

  • This could be the perfect time to give up smoking - If you smoke, you are not only putting yourself at greater risk of developing severe respiratory disease from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), but those around you exposed to secondhand smoke, including children, are also put at increased risk. It is never too late to quit, no matter your age. Our local stop smoking service, Kick It, can provide six 1:1 telephone sessions with a stop smoking advisor. Join now by visiting their Quit Now webpage or call 020 3434 2500, Monday to Friday, 9am-5.30pm.

Looking after your mental health

For Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May) we asked you to submit your questions on mental wellbeing - thank you to everyone who sent in their questions. We then put them to a panel of mental health experts, who gave valuable tips and advice on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

You can watch the virtual Question and Answer session on our YouTube channel here.

There are some very helpful resources that you could look at to get some further help and advice.

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