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Salaries and structure

How are salaries set?

The pay scales of senior staff are set and reviewed by a panel of councillors on advice from an independent specialist. The pay scales are adjusted in accordance with any increase agreed by the relevant National Joint Councils. There has been no increase in the Chief Executive or Directors salaries since April 2008.

Data on salaries

On, you can download:

  • an organisation chart with details of our senior staff and their salary 
  • a spreadsheet of our senior salaries, details of functions and contract type
  • our Pay Policy statement

Chief Executive income and salary

The Chief Executive of the Royal Borough of Kingston acts as the Head of Paid Service. The key roles of the Chief Executive's department are to:

  • define and communicate the strategic aims
  • provide strategic services that help teams fulfil these aims
  • foster a culture where we review our achievement and develop staff so that we can continuously improve our performance in responding to the needs of our community

The pay scale for the Chief Executive post is £156,726 to £178,341 per year (as at January 2015). This has not been changed since April 2008.

The national conditions of service are that the Chief Executive contributes 12.5 per cent of his salary to the local government pension scheme.

In some years the Chief Executive also receives election expenses as Deputy Returning Officer when general, local or European elections occur but these are not a regular feature of pay. There is no performance related pay or bonus.

The Chief Executive receives no other form of income.


Directors are paid between £118,896 and £135,108 per year (as at January 2015). We have four directors. Two of the are posts shared:

  • the Director of Learning and Children’s Services is shared with the London Borough of Richmond; the London Borough of Richmond is the primary employer
  • the Joint Head of ICT is shared with the London Borough of Sutton; Kingston Council is the primary employer

The national conditions of service are that directors contribute 11.4 per cent to the local government pension scheme. 

Heads of Service 

We have four pay bands actively in use and thirteen posts in total (as at January 2015):

  • £66,150 to £77,181 per year
  • £77,181 to £88,203 per year
  • £88,203 to £99,225 per year
  • £99,225 to £107,778 per year

The last increase in Head of Service pay bands (since April 2008) was in January 2015. This was an increase of two per cent on salaries under £100,000 per annum​.

The national conditions of service are that Heads of Service contribute between 9.9 per cent and 11.4 per cent (depending on exact level) to the local government pension scheme. 

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